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FoPV Work Morning Round Up - Thursday 10th June 2021

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Hello Conservationist Volunteers

Thank you to all the 35 volunteers who turned out at Forge Dam yesterday on a slightly overcast but very pleasant day to work outdoors. Fortunately the cloud cleared just at the right time for some us to see the partial eclipse of the sun thanks to David Magill who brought along some welding goggles to view it safely. Our numbers were swelled by 11 volunteers from DWP, and therefore plenty of hi-vis vests were on view around the area. It was a very productive day with the majority of work taking place in Festival Woodland.

We had 3 teams working on clearing paths in Festival Woodland from the top entrance on Quiet Lane all the way down the main path. It was amazing how much grass and earth had built up over the years reducing the width of the paths and which therefore needed the additional task to be carried away in wheelbarrows! The footpaths fronting the main entrance where the Festival Woodland plaques are mounted were also cleared and the long grass strimmed to improve this entrance.

Chris Nicholson had a small team to start work on a project in Festival Woodland using the branches and tree trunks which had previously been cut and stacked into various large piles dotted around the woodland. These were cut into 2 foot lengths and have started to be arranged into the first "artistic mound" to tidy up and improve the general appearance of the wooded area, creating something more appealing and interesting to view as people walk through the woodland. This will be a continuing task.

Peter's team continued mapping the trees in Festival and have now completed this task.

Dave's team finished cutting the laurel and beech hedges near the cafe and and Tricia led a team of litter pickers.

The next work morning is on Tuesday 22nd June. The usual email nearer the time will be sent out requesting volunteers.


A Selection of before and after photos from the work morning

Main Entrance with some path partly cleared

Main Entrance after being cleared and strimmed

Main Path before

Main path after

Work ongoing at the top of the main path

DWP volunteers

The first "artistic mound" taking shape


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