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FoPV Work Morning Round Up - Thursday 12th August 2021

Hello Conservationist Volunteers

Thank you to all the 16 volunteers who attended this morning's work session on a very pleasant and sunny morning. All of the volunteers were at Forge Dam for this session.

Linda, Rowena and Jenny ventured off into the deep Wet Woodland to tackle a large patch of Himalayan Balsam which had been spotted on the last work morning. Although they spent the morning clearing it there is still some more to be removed on the next work day before it goes to seed.

At the old boathouse Dave, Peter, John, Stephen and Mike continued to clear the undergrowth and laurel to expose the mill race, Peter having joined them after an early start to replace some missing tree labels (again) and also to replace some that had been misidentified previously. The mill race is a great feature, previously hidden by laurel and undergrowth, but can now be seen from the path at the top of the dam. It still requires more to be cleared plus the laurel stumps need removing with a chain saw.

Glyn and Tony worked their way up the head goit all the way to Wire Mill Dam clearing out debris.

Tricia, Ann, Elizabeth and Janet dug over another area of the bare and compacted soil opposite the playground to plant more plants which had been donated by volunteers. There were again many complementary comments from the passing public about how good this area is looking now and a vast improvement. One young girl of around 6 came up to me and said thank you for making the park look nice. A very nice and welcome touch.

It's a shame some of the dog owners are not as polite and grateful though, with one owner taking umbrage after being asked to keep her dog off the planted area and another allowing their dog to foul the footpath right at the side of the newly planted area and sneak off without picking it up.

Nick and myself worked with Matt on the wall which is now nearing completion. A couple more sessions should hopefully have it completed (finally!).

The next work morning is on Tuesday 24th August. The usual email nearer the time will be sent out requesting volunteers.


A Selection of photos from the work morning

The mill race after clearing today

Ann, Tricia, Elizabeth and Janet erecting a temporary fence after planting

Dave and Peter clearing at the mill race

John and Peter clearing the old boathouse area (Peter is actually on the opposite side)

Mike and Stephen dragging cut laurel away

The wall with more coping stones cemted into place up to the middle of the tree



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