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FoPV Work Morning Roundup - Thursday 10th February 2022

Hello Conservation Volunteers

Thank you to all the volunteers who turned out for our work morning on a cold February morning with the odd snow shower thrown in!

...and now cleared

An old tree which had partially fallen across the Porter Brook Trail between Forge Dam and Wire Mill Dam and which was posing a danger to passers-by was also cut back.

Ann and Janet were busy gardening once again, planting and splitting various plants as well as giving the area opposite the playground a much needed brush down and cleared the steps.

Up at Porter Clough a small team went back to where the drainage had been improved in the previous sessions to remove the thick mud which had built up on the path to take it back to the hard core underneath, in an attempt to "encourage" walkers and mountain bikers to stick to the path and to not extend it further onto the grass at the sides. Some large stones found near by were bedded into some of the worst depressions in the path. Hopefully with the improved drainage the mud should not build back up (not for a while at least!). The rest of the drainage work done in the previous sessions appeared to have stood up well to the previous weekend's deluge which is good news.

The next work morning is on Tuesday 22nd February 2022. The usual email will be sent out nearer the time requesting volunteers.


A Selection of photos from the work morning

The path at Porter Clough before

The path after

Mark filling in with large stones

Philip and Peter watching Mark work!

Cleaning tools and boots up on the way back to the top

The fallen tree on the Porter Brook Trail jutting out onto the path

...and now cleared



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