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Work morning 12th December 19

Season's Greetings to FoPV conservation volunteers,

Thank you for coming to Forge Dam this morning to prepare for tomorrow's Christmas Fair. A large number of willow rings were prepared for the wreath making and a large amount of holly and other foliage was gathered. The willow for making the rings was harvested from the island on Wednesday morning.

Some clearance of the bank below Festival Woodland was also carried out. So we have got the election out of the way and more immediately important for us we are now ready for the Christmas Fair. Bakers and knitters have been hard at it and our preparations are complete.

So check the rota for your volunteer slots on Saturday and I will see you there at Forge Dam. Even the weather forecast predicts a better than average day.

Dave Clegg

P.S. January's work mornings are expected to be at Forge Dam.



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