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  • Walks | FoPV

    Meşên mehane Em mehê carekê meşên bi mijareke balkêş ku ji her kesî re vekirî ye organîze dikin. Hûrguliyên meşên meyên plansazkirî dikarin li jêr werin dîtin û li gorî cîhaza ku hûn bikar tînin ji bo dîtina vê rûpelê, hûn dikarin mişka xwe li ser her bûyerê bihêlin an jî tîra dakêşanê bikar bînin da ku li ser her meşê hûrguliyên bêtir fêr bibin. ​ Van meşan pir populer bûne û ji ber ku her ku diçe hejmaran zêde dibin em naha neçar in ku bi xebitandina pergalek qeydkirinê jimareyan sînordar bikin. Walk Registration Qeydkirina meşên me belaş e û dê du hefte berî meşê peyda bibe. Ji bo qeydkirinê li ser bişkoja jêrîn bikirtînin da ku cîh an cîhên xwe veqetînin û ji kerema xwe mîqdarê li gorî hejmara kesên ku hûn ji bo veqetandinê vedihewînin eyar bikin. ​ Hûn ê tavilê erêkirina veqetandina xwe wergirin ku tê de hûrguliyên li ser cihê ku meşîn dest pê dike û bilêta/yên we vedihewîne. Pêdivî ye ku hûn bilêtê bigihînin destpêka meşê, an bi çapkirina wê an jî hûn dikarin guhertoyek dîjîtal li ser têlefona xwe nîşan bidin. Ji kerema xwe bêyî ku ji wan re bilêtek ferman bidin heval an malbatek din bi xwe re nekin, an jî cîhê civînê parve nekin ji ber ku divê em piştrast bikin ku hejmar li gorî hejmara lihevkirî têne girtin. ​ Dema ku hemî bilêt hatine ferman kirin, an êvarê berî meşê saet di 17:00 de dê qeydkirin biqedin. ​ Mixabin em nikarin nîşan bidin ka çend bilêt mane dema ku hûn qeyd dikin. Ger hûn hewl didin ku ji mayînê zêdetir ferman bidin, ew ê nehêle hûn ji yên ku ji bo wê meşê hene zêdetir ferman bidin. Ger ev yek bibe û hûn bi 1 bilêtê kêm bin, ji kerema xwe bilêtên mayî ferman bidin û bi karanîna rûpela pêwendiya me re têkilî daynin. Upcoming Events FoPV Walk - Midsummer Plants şem, 06ê trmê Location is TBD 06ê trma 2024an 11:00 – 12:30 Location is TBD 06ê trma 2024an 11:00 – 12:30 Location is TBD Midsummer plants led by Gerry Firkin. More information to follow...... This walk is limited to 15 people. Tickets available from 21st June 2024. Buy Tickets FoPV Walk - Butterflies and Other Invertebrates şem, 03ê tbxê Forge Dam 03ê tbxa 2024an 10:30 – 12:30 Forge Dam, Sheffield S10 3TE 03ê tbxa 2024an 10:30 – 12:30 Forge Dam, Sheffield S10 3TE A walk around the Forge Dam area, guided by Ros Hancock (who isn't an expert) looking at butterflies (if we're lucky) and other invertebrates. Bring a hand lens and binoculars if you have them. This walk is limited to 12 people. Tickets available from 19st July 2024. Buy Tickets FoPV Walk - Trees şem, 07ê îlnê Forge Dam 07ê îlna 2024an 11:00 – 12:30 Forge Dam, Whiteley Ln, Sheffield S10 07ê îlna 2024an 11:00 – 12:30 Forge Dam, Whiteley Ln, Sheffield S10 A gentle walk led by Gerry Firkin looking at some of the trees around the edge of the park and then taking in some of those in Festival Woodland looking at bark and twigs and helping attendees identify trees in winter. This walk is limited to 15 people. Tickets available from 23rd August 2024. Buy Tickets FoPV Walk - Bats! yşm, 29ê îlnê Forge Dam 29ê îlna 2024an 18:30 – 20:30 Forge Dam, Sheffield S10 3TE 29ê îlna 2024an 18:30 – 20:30 Forge Dam, Sheffield S10 3TE Looking and listening for bats with Nicky Rivers of South Yorkshire Bat Group. This walk is limited to 30 people. Tickets available from 13th September 2024. Buy Tickets FoPV Walk - Tiptoe through the toadstools! şem, 23ê mjdê Wire Mill Dam 23ê mjda 2024an 10:30 – 12:30 Wire Mill Dam, Whiteley Wood Rd, Sheffield S11 7FF 23ê mjda 2024an 10:30 – 12:30 Wire Mill Dam, Whiteley Wood Rd, Sheffield S11 7FF Explore and discover fungi around Wire Mill Dam on this 2 hour walk led by Michael "Ziggy" Senkans. This walk is limited to 15 people. Tickets available from 8th November 2024. Buy Tickets

  • Documents | Friends of the Porter Valley

    Documents Siyaset û destûra me li vir têne navnîş kirin û ji bo ku hûn bixwînin têne dakêşandin. ​ Constitution Privacy Safety Safeguarding Volunteers Conflict of Interest Finance Complaints Insurance - PLI As a registered charity we are required to hold Public Liability Insurance. ​ It provides cover for slips, trips and falls, and injuries suffered by third parties as well as claims made against us for accidental damage caused to someone else's property. The 'blame and claim' culture combined with tough economic times has seen the number of claims (genuine and 'speculative') rise at a fast pace and for many years our trustees have elected to have public liability insurance to protect themselves and the Friends of the Porter Valley against allegations of negligence, including any legal fees or expenses should a case need to be defended in court. ​ Volunteers Importantly however, the cover we have with our insurer also covers our volunteers whilst taking part in any of our organised activities, irrespective of their membership status.

  • Bingham | Friends of the Porter Valley

    Bingham Park ​ Bingham Park is owned by Sheffield City Council and is a grassy and wooded area just west of Endcliffe Park. The higher parts have views across the valley to Ranmoor. The Park is next door to Whitley Woods where Shepherd Wheel can be found. The park also has tennis courts, a bowling green, plus an Astroturf court commonly used by local footballers. Original Owners ​ In the mid 19th century, the land we now know as Bingham Park was owned by Robert Younge of Greystones Hall who bequeathed it in his will of 1875 to his nephew, Francis Otter of Ranby Hall, Wragby. ​ Sir John Bingham and his wife, Maria, had a good view of the wooded hillside from their home across the valley, next to Ranmoor Church. One day, whilst looking out of their window, Sir John said to his wife, “Would you like a very fine set of jewels or would you prefer to give that beautiful gem over there to the children of Sheffield?” Lady Bingham answered that she would rather Sheffield had the jewel and so Sir John bought the 11 acres of land and in September 1911, at the opening ceremony of the park, he handed over the deeds to Sheffield’s Lord Mayor. Sports ​ Whiteley Wood Bowling Club was formed in 1910 and had one small flat green down at the bottom of the hill. The 2 greens you can see today half way up the hill were laid out in 1914 and 1915 which was when the old pavilion was built and opened by the then president, Sir john Bingham. The current pavilion was opened on April 22nd 1972 by the then Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Alderman Hebblethwaite. The land at the top of the hill was bought by the Council in 1912 to link Whiteley Woods with Bingham Park. The golf course is marked on the 1935 map and it is still possible to see where the greens were. Photos of the area in 1950 also show allotment plots here and very few trees. Remains ​ Further down in what is now a wooded area below Bingham Park Road is an octagonal concrete base above the path. This was the base for a shelter, a simple wooden structure, like a summer house, painted royal blue. It was built when the land in front of it was open and before the trees blocked the view of John Bingham’s house, next door to Ranmoor Church. ​ The allotments behind the houses on Rustlings Road have been here since 1905 when the previous site, between Hunters Bar and Psalter Lane, was needed for building. On the southern side of the allotments lies an area of ancient oak woodland. Over 400 years old, this is an important wildlife habitat where it is possible to hear woodpeckers and enjoy swathes of bluebells and wood anemones. Restoration Works ​ ​ The Bingham Park Community Group was set up in November 2016 to encourage the community to take an active part in the redevelopment of facilities in the Park. The area had declined and needed major work to improve the facilities. With help from FoPV, funds were raised to repair walls and resurface one of the old tennis courts. Sheffield City Council in conjunction with the Lawn Tennis Association provided a couple of pay to play tennis courts which are very popular. The AstroTurf court has been repaired and some of the old tennis court areas have been landscaped, and new benches installed around the park. Work continues to develop the remaining tennis courts and a netball and basketball court are being considered. If you would like to help the Bingham Park Community Group please let us know. Bingham Park Community Group (BPCG) Sadly parts of Bingham Park have seen better days and we are supporting a small group of enthusiastic residents of this area with plans to renovate and upgrade parts of the Park. Bingham Park Community Group wants to raise funds to improve the facilities in Bingham Park (including the football and tennis courts, bowling green, golf course and surrounding green areas). Two tennis courts have already been upgraded and there are plans to turn another old court into a netball/basketball court. The group is also working on plans for a small skatepark. One old court has been resurfaced and can be used for a range of activities, e.g. for children learning to ride scooters/bikes, frisby, tai-chi etc. If you would like to get involved in helping with these renovations please let us know via the Contact us link below. The group also has an active Facebook page - search for ‘Bingham Park Community Group’. ​ Update from Bingham Park Community Group If you would like to make a donation towards the work of the Bingham park Community Group and the improvements to the sporting facilities please click the button here. Donate Good news for Bingham Park in 2019 and plans for 2020: Court 1 is now resurfaced and can be used for bike riding, skateboarding etc. Courts 4 and 5 have been completely refurbished - The Lawn Tennis Association provided funds for the upgrade of these two tennis courts. They are managed as pay-to-play courts which you can book online. This system is already running successfully at Hillsborough, Weston Park and Millhouses.For more info see: The remaining area (old courts 6-9) have been landscaped and seeded with wild flowers. The astroturf has also been repaired this year. There are new goal posts and holes in the astroturf have been patched. The wall has been repaired.We want to keep improving things through 2020. The plan is to turn the old court 3 into a netball/basketball court and the group is also now looking at designs for a small skatepark, possibly alongside the wildflower area between the new tennis courts and the astroturf. We are keen to do more for local teenagers - encouraging them to make more use of the facilities.Bingham Park Community Group will continue to improve the attractiveness of this piece of land after years of neglect. We meet every three months and are always on the look out for new members/volunteers. Find us on Facebook (search ‘Bingham Park Community Group’) and get updates about meetings and events.

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