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Mike & Judy Smith Looking Over Bowling G

Bingham Park

Bingham Park is owned by Sheffield City Council and is a grassy and wooded area just west of Endcliffe Park. The higher parts have views across the valley to Ranmoor. The Park is next door to Whitley Woods where Shepherds Wheel can be found. The park also has tennis courts, a bowling green, plus an Astroturf court commonly used by local footballers.


Sadly parts of Bingham Park have seen better days and we are supporting a small group of enthusiastic residents of this area with plans to renovate and upgrade parts of the Park.


Bingham Park Community Group wants to raise funds to improve the facilities in Bingham Park (including the football and tennis courts, bowling green, golf course and surrounding green areas).


Two tennis courts have already been upgraded and there are plans to turn another old court into a netball/basketball court. The group is also working on plans for a small skatepark. One old court has been resurfaced and can be used for a range of activities, e.g. for children learning to ride scooters/bikes, frisby, tai-chi etc.


If you would like to get involved in helping with these renovations please let us know via the Contact us link below. The group also has an active Facebook page - search for ‘Bingham Park Community Group’.

Update from Bingham Park Community Group

If you would like to make a donation towards the work of the Bingham park Community Group and the improvements to the sporting facilities please click the button here.

Good news for Bingham Park in 2019 and plans for 2020:


Court 1 is now resurfaced and can be used for bike riding, skateboarding etc.


Courts 4 and 5 have been completely refurbished - The Lawn Tennis Association provided funds for the upgrade of these two tennis courts. They are managed as pay-to-play courts which you can book online. This system is already running successfully at Hillsborough, Weston Park and Millhouses.


For more info see:


The remaining area (old courts 6-9) have been landscaped and seeded with wild flowers.


The astroturf has also been repaired this year. There are new goal posts and holes in the astroturf have been patched. The wall has been repaired.


We want to keep improving things through 2020. The plan is to turn the old court 3 into a netball/basketball court and the group is also now looking at designs for a small skatepark, possibly alongside the wildflower area between the new tennis courts and the astroturf. We are keen to do more for local teenagers - encouraging them to make more use of the facilities.


Bingham Park Community Group will continue to improve the attractiveness of this piece of land after years of neglect. We meet every three months and are always on the look out for new members/volunteers. Find us on Facebook (search ‘Bingham Park Community Group’) and get updates about meetings and events.

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