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Forge Dam Playground

Our current major project is the Forge Dam Playground improvements.


It all started of course with consultation of playground users in the early Autumn of 2022. We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to that as it will be very helpful for the sub team who will be taking this project forward.   

forge dam playground1.jpg
forge dam playground2.jpg

In 2018, using generous donations from the public, The Friends of the Porter Valley arranged for much needed improvements to the playground.


There are however plenty of other jobs that need doing and opportunities for replacing more of the equipment. To do that we need to raise more money so if you would like to help please consider making a donation using the button below, or catch us on our many work mornings which we organise twice a month.


If you would like to make a Donation towards the Forge Dam Playground please use the button here:

To find out the latest news about progress, please take a look at our blogs below.

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