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Playground communications board

Come and say hello to our first (albeit small) improvement at Forge Dam Playground! Here is a photo of the Communications Board before installation!

Image of the communication board

No sooner installed early on Friday morning than we saw Mossbrook special school and a class from Nether Green come in …… praise and interest from teachers and youngsters alike! Clearly worth doing.

The Council playgrounds team have really pulled out the stops for us. Friends of the Porter Valley will fund this new item in this rather tired, but much loved playground.

We have been consulting and thinking about what ideally the playground needs, but are still some way from developing a rejuvenation plan.

I’m grateful to members of the Fulwood WI, respondents to last year’s consultation, the Cafe team and many many others who have shown interest and offered suggestions.

This playground dates from a time when little thought was given to making things more accessible to children ….. and for that matter, their parents and grandparents……. with particular needs. This Communication Board, like the ones now often in schools, should be popular and useful for children who need help with communication.

I had hoped we could make a bigger impact with more improvements but for these we need to raise more money! Clearly the ground surface, and more equipment are needed to respond to demand.

PLEASE DONATE! See the QR codes dotted around the site and visit the Fopv website for the easy donation button.

Ann le Sage


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