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Projects Update

Some good news stories that have hatched since the January Newsletter.  We have been busy with a number of projects in parallel and this is the present stage they are all at:

1.  Bingham Activity Trail ready, installed and busy with small customers.

View of the adveture trail 1

It seems to have taken a long time but the Activity or Adventure Trail for children aged 2 to 7 years is finally in place.

Congrats to the Bingham Park Community Group for their persistence, to a local employer for the generous donation, to Parks colleagues, Councillor Barbara Masters, and to the contractors who coped with tempests and snow last week!

We have received a lot of thanks from passing parents, and from people who have seen some of the publicity online.

View of the adventure trail 2

2.   Shepherd Wheel’s first major restoration in 13 years has started.

Some of you may have spotted our partner engineers busy inside the museum recently, This photo of the hoist, which had to be specially designed to remove the worn main driving drum, was paid for from donations into the FoPV’s green bucket collections, so thank you to everyone who has contributed in that way.

Drum Hoist

The Museum’s Trust crucial engineering arm has been carefully planning for months how to keep the fragile machinery running, and this is the first in a run of restorations.  Many of you know  Duncan Edwards from visiting the workshops, he has spent many hours re-creating the many individual wooden pieces that make up this drum, and which, once assembled, should guarantee continued running of the works for a good while. 

The Shepherd Wheel will be open this weekend as usual but of course the wheels will be stationary, however FoPV volunteers and Museums Trust duty engineer will be on hand to explain what’s going on. 

3.  Forge Dam Swings total replacement and enlargement to meet demand.

Goodness this playground is so busy!  We are limited by  its present layout and footprint, but since FoPV  has about £30,000 now in the fund  we have decided to gain improvement by another piecemeal change.  

Last year you will have seen the new accessible swing, the new communication board and the repainting of the old central climbing frame.  This year we are seriously investing and all the present swings will be replaced on an extended framework which will increase the number of seats available. And one new piece will accommodate 2 users, a facility that so many users with more than one child begged for! 

Timing:  unlikely before Easter but we shall keep you informed.

4.  Bingham Park last disused tennis court properly used.

Along with the Bingham Park Community Group, Council Parks colleagues and Councillors, we  have nearly settled on a design to complete the spare tennis court with netting and wall ready for more family activities in the next phase of improvements. 

Timing :  after Easter

5.  The Endcliffe Park iconic wooden Toad and FoPV’s 2024 

The Endcliffe Park iconic wooden Toad is eroding away and FoPV’s 2024  Duck race and other fundraising will pay for a replacement by the same sculptor ….. Jason Thomson. 

Designs are still  being discussed but we promise a more durable but equally climbable and lovable Toad!  Not wood but metal. 

Timing: summer.

Ducks are available online now, to buy yours click the button here.

6.  And finally.

We have the prospect of getting a Pétanque (boules) pitch in the Porter Valley. Discussions are at an early stage so fingers crossed for another first in Sheffield.  It is likely to be a very popular facility! 

Timing: when we secure sufficient donations and grants!

In the meantime enjoy the spring and Easter!

Ann le Sage



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