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Forge Dam Playground Update - April 2024

Forge Dam Playground

The Forge Dam Playground is about to see another improvement…….. the rather worn rows of swings will be replaced by a new and extended run. We have been informed that the contractor will start this work from week comencing 15th April 2024.

This will mean a few days without swings but the new ones will probably be ready for the May Bank Holiday and will meet the obvious increased demand.

There will also be interesting variants ….. including at least one double unit which will please children who want to swing together.

Forge Dam Playground Swings

This will be the 4th improvement within the existing playground space. (2023 saw the communication signage board, a repaint of the central climbing unit and a special disability accessible swing).

The existing confines of the playground just do not permit introduction of any extra or extended pieces of equipment. Ideally we need to be able to use the bank and incorporate the adjacent informal parking space, however it is still not clear whether the ground is sound enough to permit this. We are pursuing this with the Council Playgrounds Service. If the area could be extended it would be time to work up a whole new layout, but the piecemeal approach so far has actually served well: donations have been used promptly for improvements suggested in the late 2022 consultation rather than saved up only perhaps to lose value over time.

Forge Dam Playground Climbing Frame

There is a 5th improvement that could be made in 2024: The worn central climbing unit could be replaced in its present position if funds permitt …… and that will be the next focus of fundraising.

Watch this space for further news


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