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Thank you for considering a donation to FoPV.


You can make a secure donation to our activities or events, or to one of our campaigns.

Just click on the relevant box below and follow the instructions.


Thank You.

All payments are powered by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Bank.


General Funds

Help us continue to Conserve, Protect, and Restore our part of the Porter Valley

bingham tennis cts.jpg

Make Bingham Park Great

Help the Bingham Park Community Group make improvements to the Sport facilities in Bingham Park.

forge dam playground1.jpg

Forge Dam Playground

Help us continue to make improvements to this playground

Howard Bayley 4.jpg

Shepherd Wheel

Help us continue to keep this educational facility open


Endclife Park Toad

Please help us replace the Endcliffe Park Toad in 2024.

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