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The Endcliffe Park Toad

Endcliffe Toad


To make a donation to the Endcliffe Park Toad renewal project, please do so here via our secure donations page.

Old Endcliffe Toad

Our toad is sad and falling apart.  


He replaced his old papa in 2012 and loved his time in Endcliffe Park meeting all the children. We will miss him.

We want him to rise again in 2024….. just as lovable and climbable, but in metal to live a little longer.  The sculptor Jason Thomson’ s 2 previous wooden Toads in Endcliffe Park have inspired countless children to play and seek out stories over the years, and it is important that their replacement is created in a more durable form.

PLEASE visit the sculptor beside the Endcliffe Park playground at this year’s Great Easter Duckrace on 1st April: Jason will recreate his iconic sculpture ready for a launch in summer 2024 and would love to tell you about his work. His public art has become part of the fabric of Sheffield’s parklands, see his 'CHAIR' in Rivelin Valley.

All proceeds from the Duckrace will go to this artwork so please buy a duck online, or from Endcliffe Park  Cafe.

Young child with Old Endcliffe Toad
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