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Forge Dam Playground Improvement Project

Action is well underway on the project to extend the space and equipment choices at the Forge Dam Project.

Forge Dam Playground

Here is what has happened so far:

Our web consultation in October attracted nearly 180 suggestions which show clearly what families need:

  • Retention of the iconic slide and repairs to the steps;

  • more and more relevant equipment for different age groups;

  • an overall increase in both space and equipment to cope with demand;

  • a trip free ground surface;

  • if possible more use of the hillside and other green space;

  • better entries and access for families with mobility and other concerns;

  • and more regular cleaning.

The famous Forge Dam Slide
The Iconic Slide

Among other things that will eventually mean physical extension into the casual parking area next to the stone outbuildings. (We have already secured an external water supply there for cleaning and the Fulwood WI team did a families’ Saturday morning smartening up in October).

Glyn Mansell (our Trustee who is working on Bingham Park improvements for families) and Leighann Turner (Forge Dam Cafe Manager) and I had 2 useful meetings in 2022 with Council officers responsible for the Playgrounds in the Parks. They are now pulling in more options to consider. We meet again in March.

FoPV conservation volunteers will be working with the Council Woodlands and Parks departments to improve the surrounding green space. This includes in the spring and beyond, some shrub and tree pruning to let in more light and improve sight lines to the brook, and some appropriate planting.

Forge Dam Swings

But substantial improvements need money. Friends of the Porter Valley now have over £10k in the fund after the successful Christmas fundraising drive, and Fulwood WI have chosen the Playground as their fundraising target.

Finally, we have a poster with a QR code for donations leading directly to the fund which went up this week at Forge Dam to make it easier for people to make donations.


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