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The FoPV Duck Race
Easter Monday


Here they come again!

To find out more about the FoPV Duck Race please scroll down this page.

Please read the information about Online Sales before clicking on the button below to buy your racing ducks.
Phone number required for issuing prizes

Online Sales*

Family of Six Ducks - £5

From now until 2pm on Race Day.

Due to the popularity of the event, and the multiple points of sale, some duck numbers may have multiple owners. In the event that these are among the winning ducks, all the owners are contacted and offered a prize.


With online duck sales you need to buy a 'virtual seat' in one of our 'Virtual Grandstands'.

Each seat is allocated a group of six ducks, for example;

Stand A, Row A, Seat 1 [AA1] (Ducks 1 to 6),

Stand A, Row A, Seat 2 [AA2] (Ducks 7 to 12) etc

These numbers are repeated in each Grandstand so avoid buying the same seat number in different stands.

Lucky Ducks!

Each Stand contains 4 lucky seats that have a bonus 7th duck

To buy your ducks click on the button below.

Duck Race 2023
Duck Race 2023
10 Apr 2023, 14:00
Endcliffe Park

To find the duck numbers allocated to a seat, enter the seat number in the 'Find Duck Numbers' search bar below
Seat numbers are preceded by the Grandstand Letter i.e. AA1

* We have been unable to find an automated online solution that allows us to sell multiples of six ducks, which in turn sends the buyer a list of those duck numbers. We have adapted this system, which is designed for the sale of physical event tickets, and allocated groups of numbers to each 'virtual seat' so that you can look up the numbers allocated to each virtual seat in the search box below. This may appear complicated, however it is currently our best solution.


Other ways to Buy your Racing Ducks

In Person

At both Endcliffe Park and Forge Dam Cafes until Easter Sunday.

You can also buy them on the Race Day from the stalls at the Start Line, and near the Endcliffe Park Cafe. These sales will be cash only, although there may be a card option (Family orders only) at the start line at certain times. 

Individual Duck - £1
Family of Six Ducks - £5

There will also be multiple QR code posters in the park on Race Day, which will bring you back to this page where you can buy ducks online.

About The Race

Duck race start.JPG

The Duck Race itself starts at 2pm on Easter Monday

Come and help us all count down to the spectacular start and watch our racing ducks launch into the river. 


Using a unique launching tower, the FoPV Duck Race releases 2500 numbered plastic ducks into the River Porter just below the weir above Holme Wheel Dam. They float down the river for approximately 450 meters, where they are captured in a specially designed finish line between the café and the Playground. 40 ducks are captured in a wire tube in the order they finish the race, where they are kept secure until the official list of winning ducks is produced, checked and verified by the FoPV Duck Race Committee. The remaining ducks are scooped back up and put back in their boxes and over the following weeks will be cleaned and made ready for next year.

Bring your camera and take plenty of photographs and video, and we would love to see them. You can send them to

The winning duck numbers and owner names (Not including contact details) will be posted on this website a few days after the race. All owners of winning ducks will be contacted in the days immediately following the race, using the details provided at the point of purchase. 

Stalls open from 11am:

Take a Sneaky Beak at the Race Prizes so far

We are expecting more donations of prizes and will add them here as we get them


Sheffield United FC      2 tickets for a home game 
Pagets                            £100 Voucher
Ringinglow Archery      £70 Voucher
Norfolk Arms                Overnight stay for 2    
Tesco                             Hoover Evo vacuum cleaner
Maxfield Travel             Voucher for family of 4 day trip
Crosspool Spar              £40 Gift Voucher
Brocco on the Park        £35 voucher
Pollards                          Hamper
The Rising Sun              Case of Beer
West 10 wine bar         Bottle of Champagne
The Stag                         Meal Voucher
The Greystones              Pizza Voucher
Endcliffe Park Café       £30 Meal Voucher 
Forge Dam Café             Meal Voucher
Greedy Greek                 £20 Voucher
Cocoa Wonderland       Easter Chocolates
Porter Deli                      £20 Voucher
Sunday Times Wine Club  2 Bottles of Wine
Abbeydale Singers          Concert Voucher for 2
Famous Sheffield Shop  Pewter Table Decoration
Design Studio                 Pictures, clock and wire fruit bowls
Rhyme & Reason           £10 voucher
Brookhouse Florist         Plant
Running with Scissors    £30 Voucher for Sewing Course
Petal Accessories            £20 Voucher
Fired Art                           £20 Voucher for Ceramics Course
Sharrow Vale Hardware  £10  Voucher
Beauty Care                    £20 voucher
Anonymous                    Wine breather 
Debbie Mullins               1 hour career/life coach training

Hendersons Relish        Box of 12 (284ml) bottles

Inspiring Kids World     Colouring Hamper

Children’s Kinetic sand
Lego tractor
Hot wheels
Peppa Pig colouring set
Colouring pens and drawing pad
Craft items


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