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Field of Flowers

'Nature Counts'

This is a 'Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust' initiative which is looking to better understand the wildlife and habitats of certain areas.

The Friends of the Porter Valley are encouraging its members to get involved in helping to contribute to better understand the wildlife and habitats of our part of the Porter Valley.

By clicking on the logo below you can submit your sightings, which in turn will help the 'Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust' make better, more evidence based conservation choices, and in turn inform thier Living Landscapes strategy around the wider Sheffield and Rotherham area.

You don't need to register or create an account, just click on the logo below and start registering you sightings.


We undoubtedly have many knowledgeable and highly proficient members, demonstrated by the superb photographs we see on Facebook and Twitter, who walk and observe the changes occurring over the year.

This is the sort of information we'd like to capture over time using 'Nature Counts'.

For example, as you walk, cycle, or run through the valley, if you see anything like those listed below, just go to the Nature Counts page and record your sighting - it's very quick and easy to do;

  • The first swallow,

  • The last swift,

  • Interesting fungi,

  • Butterfly,

  • Moth,

  • Mole activity,

  • First flowering of the wood anemone, or even;

  • The sighting of a water vole!

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