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FoPV Work Morning Roundup - Thursday 11th April 2024

Hello Conservation Volunteers

A big thank you to all our volunteers who turned out to help with more planting, digging, and fencing in Bingham Park on our latest work morning.

After the disastrous floods last October which washed away most of the grass and wildflower seeds, this time we had decided to use plug plants. Along with the plants Ann had collected from our supplier and with some donated ones, we had a good selection of primroses, anemones, dog violet, wild garlic and forget-me-nots and the planting team were soon on their knees on the two areas either side of the coffee cart. Hopefully these plug plants will take root and have a better chance of survival.

Further up Helena and another team were digging over a new area of compacted soil ready for further planting and sowing of grass seed. A temporary fence has been erected around this area.

Meanwhile Chris and Rowena were attending to the path edges, one of those overlooked tasks but which make a great difference and improvement to the overall look of the park. Between them they removed a few barrow loads of soil and debris on a long stretch which has widened the path - more to be done in the future though!

There are a few blocked drains which were full of soil along the main path and causing flooding issues, so Andy and Darron took the opportunity to tackle and clear some of these.

The rest of the group were involved in removing the temporary fencing, driving in new wooden posts, drilling the holes for the rope and threading the rope through (which is more fiddly than it sounds when it is also wrapped around each post!). Additional information signs on taller posts have also been installed. The missing rope which had been deliberately cut and removed by somebody on the small triangular area by the coffee cart was also replaced.

Many thanks to Andy, Darron, and everybody else from Parks and Countryside who arranged and brought all the supplies required and helped with the tasks.

The next work morning is on Tuesday 23rd April. An email will be sent out nearer the time with details.


A Selection of photos from the work morning

Linda on her knees planting!

Ted, Alan, Phil and Helena digging over compacted soil

The completed patch fenced off and ready for sowing and p[anting

Rowena and Chris clearing the path edges

Part done and looking better

One of the clogged up drains

Andy taking a break from drain clearing

Darron and Andy

Tony and Dave installing fence posts

Dave, Stephen and Stuart installing a post for a sign

Roping up at the bottom end

Top end completed

Missing bottom rope replaced


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