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FoPV Work Morning Roundup - Tuesday 22nd June 2021

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Hello Conservationist Volunteers

Many thanks to everyone of the 31 volunteers who turned out yesterday morning which included volunteers from DWP and the Wilson's Field Wildflower Project group.

This was the first session for the Wilson's Field Wildflower Project (WFWP) and we had one FoPV group cutting back the many years growth of brambles whilst the WFWP group plus Ann were busy planting various plants including Cowslips, Hemp Agrimony, Oxeye daisies, Pignuts, Vetch and Knapweed.

At Forge Dam the task of clearing the path edges continued with the DWP volunteers working on the paths in Festival Woodland and above the playground.

Linda and Leonie made a good start cutting back the bushes which were overhanging the path which comes down by the side of the Health Authority, and was much appreciated by people using the path, but it will require further work at the next work morning to complete it.

Chris and his team made good progress on the first "artistic mound" helped by the second saw horse made and donated by Peter Kennett, which greatly increased the output of 2 foot cut lengths of branches compared to last time. Two of the piles of tree cuttings have now been reduced to smaller piles of brash which also helps present a tidier appearance in Festival Woodland.

Peter continued attaching the metal labels to the trees.

Tricia brought along some more plants and together with Elizabeth continued the planting on the area above the wall in front of the playground. The area planted a few weeks back which had been cordoned off with the plastic barriers has now become well established, and the barriers have now been moved to protect this newly planted area. It really has improved the appearance of what was hard and barren soil. A passer-by even joined them to help which was great to see!

Work continued on rebuilding the dry stone wall. Matt brought cement, sand and lime in order for the coping stones to be cemented in place. With the aid of our cement mixer (David Magill, a wheelbarrow and a spade!) the first batch of coping stones have been firmly cemented in place, whilst the other part of the group continued building the wall around the protruding tree trunk and back filling the void with rubble. As we have now run out of Dave Clegg's old patio rubble this generated the additional task of breaking up the misshapen large stones into rubble with a sledgehammer. A uniform with arrows on it would have been more appropriate for this task rather than a hi-vis yellow FoPV vest!

The next work morning is on Thursday 8th July. The usual email nearer the time will be sent out requesting volunteers.


A Selection of photos from the work morning

Chris Bullivant, Chris Nicholson and Peter Mersereau at the woodpile

The woodpile at the end of the morning

Matt Coster with our "cement mixer" David Magill

The wall with the first batch of coping stones cemented in place

The established plants with the barrier removed

Part of the newly planted area


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Alan Helps
Alan Helps
Jun 24, 2021

The DWP crew had a great morning. Many thanks.

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