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FoPV Work Morning Roundup - Tuesday 23rd August 2022

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Hello Conservation Volunteers

A good turn out for the final balsam pulling session of the year in the wet woodland - thank you to all those who turned up. It does seem like we turn our backs and more balsam pops up!

Not only have we removed all the balsam with flowers we could find which would wildly spread its seed if left, but a lot of the younger plants without flowers have been removed. No doubt there will be some still lurking but the sessions this year by the volunteers have removed a tremendous amount of this invasive plant. It's strange how once you start looking for it your eyes become accustomed to spotting even the smaller plants without the giveaway pink flowers.

In one area we found what must be the plants with the biggest root system so far, with roots also starting to sprout from higher up the stem, rather Triffid like, but at least they don't walk - yet!

So, now the balsam pulling season is over, fear not, Matt discovered a patch of skunk cabbage, another invasive plant now banned from sale in the UK, which we will need to tackle at some point in the wet woodland. Probably not as easy to pull out like the balsam and definitely one where we might need pegs for our noses!

Again, a special thanks to Mandy for providing traditional flapjack for us all this time. Delicious!

Dave Clegg will be organising the next work morning which is on Thursday 8th September. An email will be sent out requesting volunteers nearer the time.


A Selection of photos from the work morning

The balsam pulling team in action

Pulled Balsam left draped over branches to die off

Mandy dishing out the flapjack to Dave

The team crossing back to the mainland after the final balsam pulling session of the year

A plant with a large root system



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