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FoPV Work Morning Roundup - Tuesday 24th August 2021

Hello Conservationist Volunteers

A big thank you to all of the 25 volunteers including those from DWP who attended yesterday morning's work session where once again we enjoyed a dry morning with the early morning drizzle having stopped prior to the start of the session.

At Shepherd Wheel, Glyn, Chris and Leonie were busy clearing the path alongside the dam.

Over at Forge Dam the hi-vis vests were visible on various tasks around the cafe and beyond.

Rowena and a team first went onto the island to remove more Himalayan balsam which had sprung up since it was cleared only a few weeks ago, before venturing into the wet woodland to join the DWP team clearing the large patch of balsam which has taken over an area in there. By working inwards from the outer edges to clear it the hope is that it will not spread any further in that particular area. There is still a large area left but time is against us before it starts dropping its seed.

Tricia, Elizabeth and Janet mattocked and forked over another barren patch of soil opposite the playground before spreading a good layer of leaf mould over it and planting with the plants kindly donated by the morning's volunteers. Slowly but surely the bare earth alongside the path is being replaced with greenery.

Above the cafe in the old boathouse area and also on the opposite side of the mill race a team was hard at work clearing more self sets, holly, laurel, ivy and brambles. The bugbear of this task was for the team to drag the trees and cuttings along past the playground and over the bridge to dump it, especially after they broke the wheelbarrow on the first run!

The mill race itself has now been totally cleared of the ivy and undergrowth and is fully visible from the dam side path, and apart from one coping stone dislodged by an old tree looks to be in good condition. The railing could do with a good rub down and a lick of paint though! Compare the photos to the two previous sessions to see the difference.

And finally, along with Matt and Nick the last coping stone was mortared into place on the wall and is now complete! The area now awaits a clearing up session to remove the left over stone and move soil to landscape above and around the tree in preparation for planting.

The next work morning is on Thursday 9th September. The usual email will be sent out nearer the time requesting volunteers.


A Selection of photos from the work morning

The mill race after clearing

Dave, Anna and John preparing another sack for removal

Dave and John cutting down a self set

After the morning session with all self sets removed

Tricia, Janet and Elizabeth preparing for planting

Another section planted

The completed wall with the new section of plants above it



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