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FoPV Work Morning Roundup - Tuesday 24th October 2023

Hello Conservation Volunteers

Thank you to everybody who came along to our latest work morning to help do some tidying up around Forge Dam after Babet had done her worst!

John led a group off to plant the remaining 350 bluebell bulbs which have gone into the soft ground near the hibernaculum so hopefully we will have a colourful corner there next spring. Having planted them all, overhanging trees and brambles were cut on the path up to Quiet Lane and also the undergrowth on the crossing area by the road was cut back to give drivers a better line of sight. Near to Quiet Lane a deep puddle which had formed across the path due to a trench being blocked with silt was dug out to allow the water to drain away.

Hilary's group headed off to the goit to remove all the debris in it and clear out at the grill where everything accumulates and backs up. Their next port of call was Wire Mill Dam before heading down to the river to remove some of the larger branches.

A third group headed down to the stepping stones at Chair Bridge where a large hazel tree, complete with its root ball full of stones and soil had wedged itself under the bridge which crosses over to the bridle path. Finally, after a lot of cutting and tugging it was completely removed. Overhanging branches on Chair Bridge itself were cut back. On the bridle path on the other side of Chair Bridge a large pipe had become blocked with debris and was cleared.

On the walk down earlier in the morning the group had noticed a large branch which had become lodged against the concrete bridge and was next on the list to be removed. Overhanging branches on the path were cut and blocked drains rodded and cleared on the walk back up........however, arriving at the bridge the branch had mysteriously disappeared! A bit of a puzzle as we hadn't seen anybody else around and there was no way it could have dislodged itself. Arriving back at Forge Dam for a coffee and Mandy's delicious home-made rice krispie cakes, those who were still hanging around could not shed any light on the disappearing branch. Who had done it? Had we imagined it! The puzzle was finally resolved later that day on an email from Hilary, complete with a picture!

The next work morning is on Thursday 9th November 2023 where we will be up at Porter Clough. There has been a tremendous amount of damage to footpaths and infrastructure due to the recent storm, all of which needs repairing. An email will be sent out nearer the time to confirm details.


A Selection of photos from the work morning

Linda and John bluebell bulb planting

Fishing in the the goit...

...Chris has caught a whopper!

Large hazel tree wedged under the bridge near the stepping stones...

...and the the other end sticking out the other side of the bridge!

Clearing the tree

Tony, Paul and Peter dragging the root ball out...

...and finally removed

Drainage pipe on the other side of the road cleared

Cutting back overhanging branches on Chair Bridge

Hilary's group removing the large branch on the concrete bridge



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