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FoPV Work Morning Roundup - Tuesday 26th April 2022

Hello Conservation Volunteers

Thank you to all the volunteers who attended our Tuesday morning work session, where once again we had work groups spread out across the valley.

We have had a few sessions at Oliver's Bridge recently but a group returned to remove all the grass and weeds from the surface of the bridge and surrounding stonework which if left to continue growing would eventually cause structural damage. Unfortunately due to the roots growing into the soil and stones the majority of work was done on hands and knees with a trowel to carefully dig them out to avoid any damage to the bridge! Later in the year when the birds have finished nesting we will return to thin out alder saplings nearby to create a dead hedge along the edge of the stream.

Over at the path which leads up to the NHS buildings, a group were moving and tidying up the stones from the wall which had been knocked down when the large tree fell last month.

Peter was doing a survey of the difference in height of the tail goit from Forge Dam (behind the cafe) to the head goit which flows the other side of the road to Wire Mill Dam. Old maps appear to show two parallel lines between the two goits which in the past may have been an aqueduct to prevent water going to waste down the river and not continuing on to Wire Mill.

The gardening team were also busy weeding and planting in the borders along the path to the cafe.

To finish off the morning session Rob was training volunteers on how to use the water safety throw ropes!

The next work morning is on Thursday 12th May 2022. The usual email will be sent out nearer the time requesting volunteers.


A Selection of photos from the work morning

Oliver's Bridge at the start of the morning session

Philip on his hands and knees with a trowel!

Chris, Philip,Matt and Ted

All grass and weeds removed

The wall stones strewn across the bottom of the footpath up to the NHS buildings

Anna, Linda, Janet and Rowena preparing to start moving the stones

All stones safely moved and the path cleared.

Tail Goit from Forge Dam millrace

Anna throwing the rope with Rob looking on

Linda having a go

Ann's rope looking a little knotted!


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