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FoPV Work Morning Roundup - Tuesday 26th March 2024 - Duck Race Preparations!

Hello Conservation Volunteers

Thank you to everyone who turned out to help in preparations for the forthcoming Duck Race.

One of the main tasks was for those in wellies and waders to walk the course from start to finish removing stones and debris which would hinder the passage of the little ducks swim down the river, as well as looking out for any ducks which may have been hiding in the bankside this past year! A final course walk will take place by the launch team on Monday morning prior to the race to remove any other debris which may have been washed down.

The other less glamorous task is litter picking. Armed with plastic bags and their litter pickers they went out two by two walking all over the park to collect the bottles, cans, and any other litter. We are fortunate in that Endcliffe Park does not suffer with a serious visible litter problem, although it is amazing how much was collected. The worst area is on the roadside bank of the Nether Spurgear Wheel Dam (nearest to the mini roundabout) which seems to be a dumping ground for everything from bottles and cans to garden waste in black plastic bags thrown over the railings. There is still more to be removed another time from here.

Last year we found a battleship lurking in the bankside. Nothing as exciting was found this year, however, a fresh raw hens egg was found by the litter pickers in the undergrowth at the side of a path. We don't believe there is a hen running around Endcliffe Park unless it is putting a red stamp mark of origin on its eggs as they are laid!

Thanks to Ranger Matt for dropping off the tables and plastic mats for the stalls, as well as pigtail spikes which are used to set up the finish line.

Mandy had baked some delicious raspberry flapjack but there were only 3 stragglers who had been litter picking at the top end of the park left at the end of morning  to enjoy it!

So, we are all ready for the big launch on Monday and fingers crossed the weather is kinder than last year!

The next work morning is on Thursday 11th April where we will be in Bingham Park working on the grass areas, installing posts etc. An email will be sent out nearer the time with details.


A Selection of photos from the work morning

Dave/Nick/Chris "Looks a bit deep and cold in there we'll let Heather do this bit"!

Litter pickers catch up with river clearer Martin

Dave and Nick still discussing whether to get in the water talking to litter picker Peter

Litter Pickers in action

Lorna and Mel

Heather now doing litter picking after helping the nesh river boys out!

Hilary and Linda

Phil and Peter

Mandy and Lyndon in the bushes!

Heather and Mandy with some of the collected rubbish

Sampling Mandy's raspberry flapjack

Stragglers team selfie!



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