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FoPV Work Morning Roundup - Tuesday 27th February 2024

Hello Conservation Volunteers

A BIG thank you to all of the 25 volunteers who turned up for our latest morning around the Forge Dam area - a fantastic turnout - where we had a number of tasks for everybody to get stuck into (and no snow this time!).

The building of the second hedge which was abandoned last time in the snow was one of the main tasks, and this time the team had the post rammer and a fencing hammer (kindly dropped off by Ranger Matt) to drive the upright stakes into the tough ground. A lack of enough decent material (probably taken by the team repairing the other dead hedge team last time out!) left the team scavenging for branches to weave into the fence but managed to find enough to complete the hedge.

Back in October, Storm Babet had done its worst down the valley, and with Forge Dam threatening to overspill and wash the cafe away, sandbags had been placed to protect it and were still in place, so with Spring around the corner, now was a good time to move them and tidy up. It proved a good workout for the sandbag team to move and stack them behind the store (reds first, blacks on top to disguise them!), sweep the paths and make the place look tidier.

The sandbag team then turned their attentions to the path which runs behind the playground. Soil washed off the bank had over years collected on the path and narrowed it. The edges have been cut back and the path thoroughly swept.

On the top path which goes to Fulwood Old Chapel, a further group tackled the main footpath which had become a muddy mess near to the gate. The path edges up to the second bench have also been cut back and the path swept.

Down at Wire Mill Dam another team have removed all the debris which had collected in the corner and removed branches in the dam which could be reached, although others have become lodged on the bottom and could not be budged (for now!)

As usual, the goit needed attention as it was becoming blocked at the grill and backing up. All debris has been removed and was free flowing again (they say it dropped a foot after the blockages were removed!)

We also had some litter pickers out, walking around doing a general litter pick. One area needing attention was up by the large, fallen holly tree which we had stripped on the last work morning. A campfire had been made by somebody and they had left all their litter in the area.

Ann had been joined for the morning by Rachel Reeston who is our dedicated Co-op Pioneer who support various causes via the Co-op Local Community Fund of which FoPV Playground is one this year. Together they did various gardening jobs on the main driveway, cutting, planting and tidying up.

(If you wish to help raise money for FoPV via the Co-op Local Community Fund you just need to register to be a member of the Co-op, select FoPV as your cause and then show your membership number every time you shop in any Co-op store. It costs £1 to register but you get that back on your first shop. If you are already a member check which cause you are supporting and hopefully choose FoPV! The easiest way is via the Co-op app on your phone)

The next work morning is on Thursday 14th March. An email will be sent out nearer the time with details.


A Selection of photos from the work morning

The footpath to Fulwood Old Chapel - before

Stuart, Gill and Rowena working on the path

Rowena, Stuart and Peter working on the path

A clean and mud free path at the end of the morning - still some more to do!

Dead hedge building team in action

Putting the temporary netting back for now

The completed dead hedge

Sandbags in place since Storm Babet

Moving sandbags

Alan, Mike and Martin working on the path above the playground

Sandbag and path team selfie!

A restored and clean path



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