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FoPV Work Morning Roundup - Tuesday 28th March 2023 - Duck Race Preparations!

Hello Conservation Volunteers

Thank you to everybody who came along to Endcliffe Park to help prepare for the forthcoming Duck Race.

The main task was for a group in waders and wellingtons to walk the duck race course from start to finish to remove any debris which would hinder the ducks on their journey to the winning line as well as looking for any ducks still hiding from last year's race. We are used to a few hiding and also escaping but last year we lost a record 82 ducks, however none were found this time around.

As well as the usual branches, stones and litter which were removed by the team, a battleship was seen lurking in the bankside, probably waiting to ambush the ducks on their journey down the river! Fortunately, it was spotted and has been captured and so the ducks should now have a safe journey come 10th April.

A team armed with litter pickers and black bags ventured out to collect any rubbish they could find. As well as the usual bottles and cans, a duvet and what looked like the base of a road works cone or barrier were found. Across from Holme Wheel Dam by the railings at the side of the road there is an extensive amount of bottles, cans, and rubbish which we will have to tackle on a separate work morning.

Another small group tackled some of the fallen branches after the recent heavy snowfall, cutting, moving, and tidying up.

Ranger Matt delivered the tables, plastic mats and spikes needed for setting up stalls and equipment which have been moved to a secure location ready for the Monday morning.

Thanks again to our very own FoPV Work Morning catering supplier aka Mandy, who supplied the Lincolnshire Plum loaf - very tasty!

The next work morning is on Thursday 13th April 2023.


A Selection of photos from the work morning

Clearing the river

Chris finding a frisbee

What's this we have 'ere then?

"Admiral" John displaying the captured battleship

In dry dock

A wet soggy duvet and ? (it was heavy)



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