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FoPV Work Morning Roundup - Tuesday 28th May 2024

Hello Conservation Volunteers

What a great turnout for our latest work morning in the wet! A big thank you to everybody who came along.

Our aim for the morning was to make a start cutting back on the PROW and main footpaths in Bingham Park Wood and Trippet Wood which are overgrown in places, and with such a good turnout we were able to create two groups: Team Bingham and Team Trippet! Widening the paths and removing overhanging and eye poking branches was the order of the day.

Starting from Shepherd Wheel, Team Trippet were tasked with clearing the paths on the south side of the park into Trippet and Whiteley Woods going in via PROW footpath SHE/140 directly opposite Shepherd Wheel, although you wouldn't actually know it is a PROW path as like a number of such official paths does not have a waymark.

Team Bingham, starting a little further downstream from Shepherd Wheel went into Trippet Wood via path SHE/139 first (which does have a waymark!), clearing the entrance to it before going up and onto SHE/140 north towards Bingham Park aiming for the path between Rustling Road Allotments. Although not a designated PROW path it is well used, and the encroaching verges and hedges had made it narrow. It doesn't seem as long when walking it but the 200m felt never ending when clearing it! Low overhanging branches on the path at the bottom of Bingham Park Wood towards Stainton Road were also removed.

On the way back some of the team stopped at the entrance to SHE/140 which is behind the rhododendrons near the mini roundabout entrance. With no waymark and the entrance overgrown plus being only about 1 foot wide it certainly does not look like a PROW path! The entrance to it has now been cleared but again really needs a waymark, which is something we will be taking up with the authority.

Again, thanks to Mandy who turned up with some sticky flapjack although there wasn't much left by the time she managed to find Team Bingham!

Thanks also to Ranger Matt for dropping the tools off.

This is a useful link to show the designated PROW paths in Sheffield

The next work morning is on Thursday 13th June. An email will be sent out nearer the time with details.


A Selection of photos from the work morning

Tony, Chris and Stuart trimming branches

Team Trippet!

Trimming the path between the Rustlings Road Allotments

Mel trimming away

Looking back up the cleared path

Rebecca and Chris cutting back SHE/140 behind the rhododendrons

Team Bingham!



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