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Forge Dam 2024

Our contact in the Council, Claire Watts, has provided us with some updates and plans for 2024.

As of January 2024 this is what is planned at Forge Dam in 2024 as follow-ons from the de-silting works:

Bridlegate / maintenance gate installation

Bridlegate at Carr Bridge

Following the stakeholder meeting in 2022, a contractor has now been appointed to install the new access control feature where the bridleway meets Quiet Lane / Woodcliffe.  Installation is expected March 2024.  Thanks to the Public Rights of Way team for funding this element of work.

Trash Screen installation on the Millrace

View of the Millrace during the works
Whilsts the Penstock was being installed

Lightmain have been commission to fabricate and install a trash screen to prevent damage to the penstock on the millrace.  Installation will take place as soon as weather conditions permit – but most likely in Spring.  It will be necessary to fully open the penstock to drop the water levels sufficiently for them to safely access the area.

The above works will be planned to co-incide with a condition survey of the dam wall and spillway as part of investigations to resolve the leaking sluice.  A specialist contractor will be procured in the new year to advise on an appropriate penstock design and safe method of working to allow access to the spillway sluice for installation.  The Council’s Capital Delivery Service have been commissioned to take this work forward.

Silt-trap emptying

Emtying the silt trap

Our initial request for quotations came back rather over the odds, so we are having further discussions with the preferred contractor to work out a method which can be repeated year on year.


Progress updates will be added as and when we hear.


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