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Forge Dam Update - 17 Nov 21

Latest news on the rejuvenation of Forge Dam:

The works have started in earnest! Now is the time to get down to Forge Dam with good cameras to capture the heavy vehicles manoeuvring in and around the site. Today it was the turn of the big mobile crane to trundle on its caterpillar tracks down into the dam to install support planks in the really boggy section of the island facing east to the embankment. There are great views from both north and south hillsides and the perimeter path....... all of these will remain open for access throughout the period of the works and only in the spring will parts be closed for repairs.

It was pretty muddy underfoot .....especially at the managed crossing of the machinery track and the diverted route for cyclists, pedestrians and horses. But it was safe enough and the banksmen are there to help people get across. These Sanctus staff are also very ready to explain what’s going on.

Next week starting 29 November the silt will be coming out: 20 lorries a day!

There was a lot of interest and encouragement from walkers ...... the only issue was the signage which still only referred to pedestrians, but the riders and cyclists I saw seemed to have worked out that the signs also covered them. And fresh ones are coming any minute I was promised.


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