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Forge Dam Update - Oct 21

Sanctus the Council contractor started preparatory work on Wednesday 6 October so you may have seen:

• Netting across the brook to save fish and other water animals

• Clearance of vegetation upstream of the dam to permit access for major site works over the next few weeks

• A lowering of the water level in the dam and removal of fish and other water creatures to relocate them safely below the spillway

• Some vegetation clearance on the island

Future activities we can expect to see:

• Diversions from the bridle path to permit temporary heavy vehicle use

• Silt excavation and removal starting on the main channel on the south side of the dam

• Grubbing out and reuse of the alders by the brook inlet to create green natural barriers to guide the flow in the demand and improve the habitat along the north and south sides

• Upstream green solutions to slow the flow of the brook and hold back silt

• Clean out of the silt traps

Sanctus contractors will be on site most days and are happy to answer questions about their work. Friends of the Porter Valley are also available to answer questions sent via the website

Further information sheets will be provided at the cafe as the works progress

Ann le Sage

Chair Friends of the Porter Valley


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Ann LeSage
Ann LeSage
Oct 15, 2021

Thanks andjnewman! I’m distributing artists impression and latest news today at Forge Dam and around. Ride Sheffield and cycle groups have I hope had notices and I’m very happy to meet and give you the material and explanation. Not sure why there is no signage up but probably because the works haven’t started yet. The forecast date is later in October ....... so far it has just been enabling works. I’ll check with Council Ann le Sage


I’m really pleased to see these works getting underway but please could you provide some information about the bridalway diversion route (perhaps a map showing the diversion).

This section forms part of NCN6 but the diversion doesn’t seem to be advertised online anywhere.


Ann LeSage
Ann LeSage
Oct 13, 2021

Thanks David! Still a way to go ..... I’m just about to do another notice at Forge Dam Cafe because prep cutting has started in the alder copse and the contractor has put up signage so people know what is being done. Watch this space! Ann le Sage FoPV


David Blythen
David Blythen
Oct 13, 2021

Great to read that work has finally begun.

All those involved over the last nine years should all give each other a huge pat on the back.

Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Well done to everyone involved including Sheffield City Council and the mystery donor.

David B

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