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Forge Dam Update - 2 Mar 22

The storms had a significant impact as you can imagine and it has taken until this week for Sanctus to be able to start meaningful work again. We are running about 2 months behind from the original program, estimating Sanctus will finish 3rd week of March at the latest forecast. We have a drier spell for the next 10 days or so, so I am hoping they can make some good progress.

We are currently working out how resolve the collapsed section of wall on the north bank of the pond. However, we need to get a structural engineer to design a suitable repair and then tender for the repair works as the costs will be substantial. It is possible that the wall repair may have to take place after the de-silting pond works finish, which is not ideal, but the estimated costs of the repair mean that we are obliged to tender competitively.

We have now transported 80% of estimated silt volumes to Beighton and work has started on the new river channel. Reinstatement of the bridleway and damage to the main footpath will need to take place and reinstatement of the farmer’s field, before Sanctus leave site.

Claire Watts

Senior Project Officer

Parks and Countryside Service | Sheffield City Council


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I honestly don't think that 80% of the the silt has been removed and the amount of water in the removed silt is probably the reason for this. The failure of the contractors to divert all of the incoming river water over the spillway or through the seized up sluice Has lead to the dam being full of water and impossible to desilt properly. I fear we may end up with a botched job.


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