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Forge Dam Update - 25 Jan 22

The contractors are making up for the lost time before Christmas when rain soaked the silt day after day. There were mass movements last week with over 100 lorry loads of green material heading up to Beighton to the landfill site which is being transformed. Environmental improvements at both ends. The synchronisation of the scooping out of silt by 6 excavators, the dumper truck ferrying to the drying out area, and then the removal off site and handling at Beighton all worked out amazingly well……. what an exercise this is.yes there has been a bit of mud and draining water at Carr Bridge but relatively little disruption because of the care being taken.

Video by Mike Halliwell

This must be the most amazing tourist destination in town at the moment, and there will be some press coverage this week. Some stunning photos are coming through on Facebook ……thank you all and to Andrew Newman for this one.

As one of the many onlookers said last week: “this is the most exciting thing to happen up here in years!”

We are expecting at least another 6 weeks visible activity in the dam: firstly more silt removal, then re profiling of the smaller island and the depths and shallows, creation of the deep channel to the spillway and construction of the training wall out of green materials( felled alders etc). Cold weather is fine, but let’s all hope the rain stays away.

Keep visiting and messaging!

Ann le Sage


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