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Forge Dam Update - The Final Push - Mar 23

Project Officer’s Blog:

Footpath contractors 'EC Surfacing' will be back on-site week commencing 27th March to rebuild the temporary bridge – re-using the 3 big pipes which have been “in storage” below the weir since the original bridge washed away at the end of October.

In February, we were bumped for a more urgent job and we then lost our weather window due to the snow and subsequent high river levels, so are now pushing on hard to get the final topping of the tarmacking completed before Easter.

Unfortunately, there is no way to complete the tarmacking works without closing the pond side path for a few days. The Memorial benches will be bolted down securely following the completion of the surfacing works, so no more being blown over by the wind tunnel effect in the valley.

Image showing top of dam wall without benches
Top Path with no benches

Whilst EC Surfacing are on site, they will also be improving drainage on the bridleway and woodland footpath.

Image of new safety equipment
New Safety Equipment

You will all have seen the new safety signage and reach and rescue board. I appreciate that not everyone likes them, but in time they will become “part of the furniture”. Over 400 people a year drown in the UK. Having taken the water level from a few inches to over 2 metres, it would be deeply irresponsible not to have re-assessed the risks at Forge Dam and in doing so we have followed the advice of the Fire and Rescue Service. I am sorry if you don’t like the signs or the board, but the alternative is much worse.

During café opening hours, there is a spare reach pole kept available at the café, and the café team also have the code to open the boxes.

The tree team, having just completed the highly technical job of removing the fallen alder that was laying across the river channel (using a chainsaw from a small boat is no mean feat), are aware of the tree that the snow brought down into the millrace / wheel housing area and it will be removed as soon as possible.

Thank you as ever for your patience and your passion for this special place.

Claire Watts

Project Officer, Parks and Countryside Service


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