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News - 3rd Jun 2020

A second update on developments in the Porter Valley, as lockdown measures are slightly eased. In this letter I have some good and not so good! The good news is: 

  • Forge Dam Cafe opened today to serve refreshments out of the hatch.

  • The wonderful sun continues …..Just imagine having lockdown last November in continuous rain! 

  • Bingham's improved sports spaces are being very well used and obviously enjoyed.  Well done Bingham Community team!

 The not so good news is: 

  • Our gardens and allotments (if we are lucky to have them) are stressed out by the drought, although the change in the weather today should rectify that.

  • Swaggering raucous crowds and detritus dumping everywhere ruined people's enjoyment as revellers took advantage of the good weather and long light evenings over the past weekend. There was particularly disruptive behaviour on Friday evening, and the police had to work flat out everywhere in Sheffield parks to deal with similar anti - social antics.   My neighbours and I had amplified beat music pumped out until midnight by a crowd of some 20 odd louts just over the railings, and the alcohol and fast food detritus left everywhere the next morning was matched by laughing gas capsules, balloons and spent cigarette ends scattered everywhere.  And I don't think it was tobacco that made them all so high!  No signs of social distancing here ….. Although during the daytime it had been lovely to see well-spaced, quiet and small groups enjoying picnics everywhere. 

Some public spirited people went out litter picking in the mornings at the weekend to try to remedy the appalling situations in Endcliffe Park, however the Council will still not permit FoPV volunteers to don the Viz jackets and get out there with gloves and litter picks to have a go. The Parks Department and Police have however engaged rapidly, and dispersal orders were put in place this week for every day from 4pm, and Amey has been contracted to litter pick.  I am still trying to persuade the authorities to let our volunteers formally support this effort. However ….... if anyone wants to have a Viz jacket just get in touch....... Next news item is something that will interest those of us who regularly go upstream above Forge Dam and into the Mayfield Valley particularly.  We understand there is a fresh planning application for an extension to the Mayfield School (as was) and the details are going to be sign posted this week.  Up until now it has been rather under the radar. On the face of it the construction will be primarily underground but I think people should all have a closer look at the new proposals. Rooms for hobbits maybe? Check the signs for instructions on the action. People have until about the end of June to submit comments apparently. Walks and talks are still suspended as you probably guessed. And any suggestions for essential conservation activities would be welcome …..We are now ready to recommence outdoor work once the go ahead is given. Himalayan Balsam pulling is high on the list of jobs! Do keep well and I hope we shall be free to see more of each other soon. Ann le Sage Chair


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