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Work Morning 12 Mar 2020

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Thank you to those of you who came to Forge Dam this morning in bright but cold conditions. Unusually it wasn't raining and the conditions were pleasant for working in.

A number of us managed to finish clearing the bank below Festival Wood, overlooking the Dam, and the view down to the Dam is now greatly improved. Meanwhile a team was carrying out maintenance and drainage works on the bridle way.

On Thursday next week the silt trap is being cleared of silt. This may enable us to assess how quickly silt is brought down the river to the Dam. In preparation some of us were clearing the area opposite the silt trap. The immediate area is very boggy and efforts were made to improve the drainage.

Thanks for support provided by Nick from the Ranger service and for providing tools and advice.

The next work morning is Tuesday 24th March, probably in Endcliffe Park, in preparation for the Duck Race. This will be confirmed in the near future.


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