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Work morning 12th September

Hi Conservation Volunteers, A fantastic turnout today in fair weather. We were 33 in total, boosted by a large contingent from the Department of Work and Pensions(DWP). Many thanks to them for their enthusiasm and hard work. We split into a number of task groups. One group tackled clearance of undergrowth and out of control thickets of many varieties along the path at the far end of the dam and by the path leading up from the right hand corner of the dam, bordering the wet woodland. Great improvements were achieved. Another group continued the restoration of the collapsed long wall bordering the road leading to the cafe. A very artistic curved wall was created to accommodate a large tree and its roots. An excellent result. Also a small group tackled gardening near the cafe. In the afternoon the DWP groups tackled the large holly trees overhanging the playground slide allowing more light to penetrate the dense overhead canopy of holly. Well done everyone! The next work day will be at Shepherd Wheel on Tuesday 24th September. 10.00am start as usual. We will be clearing algae from the dam and other tasks. We will, once again, be joined by volunteers from the DWP. Thanks again. Dave Clegg



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