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Work Morning 13th Feb 2020

Hi Conservation Volunteers,

Many thanks for your splendid efforts today. A great turnout of 22 volunteers. Luckily it stayed dry. We joined forces with Andy Phillips of the Parks Department , his staff and Nick Blood from the Ranger Service.

A very large area of out of control rhododendrons near the Lodge below Bingham Park were reduced to manageable proportions by a team of bow saw and lopper wielding enthusiasts resulting in a neat bed of shrubs. We also removed self sets, brambles and pruned trees in the vicinity. Meanwhile another team were working near Shepherd Wheel removing debris from the river which was swept down in the recent heavy rains.

Glyn arranged tea, coffee and biscuits and toilet facilities in the bowling club pavilion. Thanks to Linda for making the teas and coffees.

Glyn has let me know that a brown bobble hat with red trim and a pair of ladies gloves were left in the bowling pavilion when we left. Let myself or Glyn know if they are yours and Glyn will bring them to the next work morning. Another pair of ladies gloves were left on the park bench where we were working.

The next work morning is at Forge Dam on Tuesday 25th February, 10.00am start as usual. We will continue with our sight line improvements and other cutting back before the birds decide to build nests.

Hope to see you there.

Dave Clegg


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