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Work Morning 25th June 19

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Hello Conservation Volunteers,

Well done to the plucky volunteers who came this morning to Forge Dam in the pouring rain.

Fifteen of us in all, including Sarah and Andy from DWP and Tina who has recently come to live in this area. In spite of the rain those in the attached picture look quite happy.

Thanks to Tom Broadhead from the Ranger Service for providing tools.

The main tasks this morning were the removal of himalayan balsam from the island in Forge Dam and the wet woodland, and clearance of overhanging branches and self sets along the track to Carr Bridge. It was interesting to note that very little balsam was found on the island whilst there was a considerable amount in the wet woodland. It may be that windblown seeds find it difficult to cross the water to the island. We did clear a lot of himalayan balsam from the island last year so it is gratifying to find that it has been much reduced.

The next work morning will at Forge Dam on Thursday 11th July, 10.00am as usual.

Thanks again.

Dave Clegg



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