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Work morning 26th Feb 20

Hi Conservation Volunteers, Many thanks for coming to help at this weeks work morning at Forge Dam. Park Rangers Nell and Grahame provided tools and expert guidance. The weather was grim to start with but improved during the morning. We removed what was reported to be a small tree planted in the middle of the green space apparently without prior consultation with the Parks Dept. However, it proved to be a hoax, a branch had been embedded in the soil, and surrounded by stones probably by children playing there during half term, so no harm done. We carried out inspections of the river and Wire Mill goit for damage and obstructions caused by the recent heavy rain and we improved drainage on the path down to the dam from Festival Wood. Hopefully this will prevent large puddles forming on the path and adjoining grassy area. It has become a quagmire in this winter's heavy rains. An enthusiastic team continued clearing a massive holly thicket on the bank overlooking the dam. One more session should see it gone and the view from Festival Wood greatly improved. The next work morning is on Thursday 12th March at Forge Dam once again. We are making a special effort at Forge Dam to improve the general environment as part of the Forge Dam desilting and restoration project. Details of this project can be found on the notice boards at Forge Dam and on the FoPV web site. Thanks again. Dave Clegg



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