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Work morning 26th March

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Hello Volunteers,

Many thanks to those who came yesterday to the work morning at Forge Dam. We started the morning off with a resume of the Forge Dam restoration project and a short walk by the side of the dam and along the track to Carr Bridge. This is route which we expect will be the main route for transporting the silt away from the Dam. It is an area which will need clearance work to make way for contractors vehicles. We identified areas where conservation volunteers can clear self sets, brambles, fallen timber and other obstacles. A start was made on this yesterday. Meanwhile some planting was carried out on the silt banks at the far end of the dam.

Elsewhere, a major task was carried out to unblock an underground section of the goit which feeds Wiremill Dam. The hero of the hour was Rob Peck who dropped down below path level to clear the blockage in an access chamber. A combination of rodding and digging eventually restored an excellent flow to Wiremill Dam.

The next work mornings are in Endcliffe Park in preparation for the Great Duck Race. They are as follows:

Thursday 11th April 10.00am Endcliffe Park Cafe

Thursday 18th April 10.00am Endcliffe Park Cafe

No this isn't a mistake. We have brought forward the Tuesday 23rd April work morning to Thursday 18th April to ensure we are fully prepared for the Duck Race which is on Monday 22nd April (Easter Monday) in Endcliffe Park. The work morning on Tuesday 23rd April is now cancelled (see web site)

Thanks again for your efforts yesterday.

Dave Clegg



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