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Work Morning - 26th Nov 19

Hello Conservation Volunteers,

Thank you for those sixteen volunteers who came to Forge Dam this morning in very damp conditions.

Very useful tasks were carried out. Janet and her team cleared leaves from the playground in preparation for the Christmas Fair. Stephen lead a large team clearing the sight lines from Festival Woodland of Holly, brambles and self sets. This was tricky in the wet conditions on a rather steep bank by the dam.

Meanwhile Peter our geologist lead a small team upstream to a listed geological site by the river which had become overgrown and difficult to access. To quote Peter 'we have brought a local geological site into positive management'. Fossils to be found at the site include a goniatite and a marine bivalve (Dunbarella). Access to the site has now been greatly improved.

Next work morning is Thursday 12th December, 10.00am at Forge Dam with an emphasis on making hoops for the wreath making at the Christmas Fair which of course in on Saturday 14th December. We also need to ensure that everything is ready for the Fair.

John Gittins is in charge of the wreath making and is leading a session on the morning of Wednesday 11th December starting at 10.00am to gather willow from the island in Forge Dam. The willow is used to make the hoops for the wreaths. Waders will probably be necessary if the water levels stay high. Only a few people are needed but you are welcome to come along to take part in the fun.

That's all for now. Looking forward to seeing you in December.

Dave Clegg.



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