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Work morning 8th August 19

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Hello Conservation Volunteers,

Many thanks to all those who came down to Forge Dam last Thursday to help out at the work day. We welcomed groups from DWP, the Environmental Agency and Amey as well as our regular volunteers, making 34 volunteers in all. A splendid turn out which enabled us to tackle some major jobs. The DWP group made an excellent start on wall renovation close to the playground. This involved a great deal of hard work sorting out stone blocks , removing roots and recovering stone from the river. Meanwhile Environmental Agency and Amey Volunteers lead by Chris and James, Park Rangers, cleared the long footpath leading from the Health Authority buildings down to the river. A large amount of vegetation, overhanging branches and other obstructions were removed to great effect. At the far end of the dam, in the wet woodlands, the last standing Himalayan Balsam plants were removed and dense vegetation was removed along the path on the bank. Gardening was carried out near the cafe and an excellent job was made of clearing the view down to the mill race of excessive laurel growth and other unwanted vegetation.

Thanks again for everyone who made the day a great success.

The next work day is scheduled for Tuesday 27th August in Endcliffe Park. Meet at 10.00am outside the cafe. Hope you can come.

Dave Clegg



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