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Work Morning 9th Jan 20

Happy New Year all conservation volunteers! What a turn out this blustery sunny winter morning! 19 of us plus our Ranger James Smith whose attendance sheet barely stretched for all the signatures!

David Clegg missed a good morning. Hope our newcomer John enjoyed the experience!

2 large teams set off..... one westwards to continue the scrub clearance and open up sight lines from the Festival Woodland on the hillside above the Dam; the other in wellies to the eastern woodlands to clear the drainage blockages on the brook, the paths and the goits. And this time we didn’t send Rob Peck down the culverts or any other underground hole. A good deal achieved but the flooding could not quite be vanquished below Whiteley Wood (Armchair) Bridge. There’s still some deep dangerous water off the path on the right. Something to get back to next time. But we did have our first minor cut on a saw for the new year ..... all duly recorded as an incident. But no ill effects as yet and we are hoping none will arise Stephen!

At least the gales didn’t drop trees on our heads! Thank you James for looking after us.

I had a quieter time: raised some donations (including 2 with our new card reader), sold 2 Walking Booklets, 1 Calendar and gave forms / briefings to 2 potential new members. I also managed to foul up a card reader purchase and confuse the purchaser, me, and the new card reader. Oh dear..... Anyway a busy and interesting morning for everyone. And we meet again on Tuesday 28 January at 10am as usual at Forge Dam


Ann le Sage



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