Forge Dam Proposals

The 'Forge Dam Heritage & Habitat Improvement Project' is a partnership of the Friends of the Porter Valley, Sheffield City Council, and other interested parties. Its purpose is to restore the dam as an amenity for the people of Sheffield, and as a wildlife habitat.


Our plans include:


Clearing trees and shrubs from the spillway and dam wall. This may be unpopular, but we will keep the public informed so that they will understand that the work is necessary to protect the structure of the dam so that it may last for another 250 years.


The Island

Reducing the size of the island, and removing the trees, as this was the most popular option (as opposed to removing the island completely, or leaving it as it is) when we conducted a public consultation.



Many people remember the rowing boats, which used to be on Forge Dam, with great affection. However there are NO plans to return these as part of these proposals.



Reducing the amount of silt reaching the dam, by building a 'training' wall along the original brook route to encourage through flow. Also working with landowners upstream. However, the major part of the project, and most costly, will be removing the silt currently in the dam which will have to wait until the funds have been fully raised.