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Duck Race 2023
Duck Race 2023

po 10. 4.


Endcliffe Park

Duck Race 2023

Easter Duck Race organised by FoPV

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Čas a miesto

10. 4. 2023, 14:00

Endcliffe Park, Rustlings Rd, Sheffield S11 7AB, UK

O podujatí

The Easter Duck Race is organised by The Friends of the Porter Valley in Endcliffe Park. The money raised goes towards one of their current projects.

This year the money will be used for the Forge Dam Playground Renovation Project.

When you click on Buy/Select Tickets you will be presented with a map of the Virtual Grandstands. Use the + button to enlarge it, OR press 'Choose from Ticket List' to choose from a list.


  • Duck Family

    A family of 6 Ducks

    5,00 GBP
    Predaj sa skončil

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