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Plánovacie konzultácie


Mestská rada v Sheffielde pravidelne kontaktuje FoPV ohľadom plánovaných prác v rámci údolia.


Poskytujú nám tiež rôzne dokumenty k niektorým prácam, ktoré vysvetľujú ich plány a aké práce sa majú vykonať.


Ak to bolo možné, poskytli sme pre vašu informáciu odkazy na tieto dokumenty.

Planning Applications


We sometimes receive requests from members, and non members, asking us to support them in objecting to local planning applications.

FoPV doesn’t usually raise objections unless the proposal will damage special landscapes (for example the Mayfield Valley). We are an environmental charity and Trustees are very careful not to make assumptions about what 800+ members might think about specific developments around and outside the perimeter of this large and very varied parkland. Some members might take the view that specific applications seem to be a reasonable proposal in the light of recent similar planning applications in a particular area.

We do however have people on the committe who take an interest in planning applications and developments within the valley, or at least the section we refer to as 'our patch'. These are discussed at committee meetings and where we feel it is necessary we encourage our members to consider adding their voice via the Sheffield Council Planning Portal.

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