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The FoPV Register

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

At a recent committee meeting the suggestion was made for a record to be kept of the wildlife and changes which are witnessed in the valley throughout the year.

We undoubtedly have many knowledgeable and highly proficient members, (see the superb photographs recently mounted on the website) who walk and observe the changes occurring over the year.

We are setting up a recording system so that members can register their observations, for example

the first swallow,

the last swift,

interesting fungi,

butterfly, moth, mole activity,

first flowering of the wood anemone,

or even the sighting of a water vole!

All observations which you think are worth recording or which others may find of interest can be sent to the new email address* we have set up for this purpose. The address is and summaries of these observations will be circulated in our regular Newsletters.

It is suggested that we have an initial trial period to see what use is made of the site. It may develop such that records could be fed directly onto our website. So what have you seen and would like to share with FoPV members?

*Or could be passed on by telephone/snail mail to any committee member.

Chris Nicholson



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