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Work Morning - 14th Feb 19

Thanks all 19 of you who came on Thursday to clear brash from Holme Wheel Dam and to litter pick along the bank and brook! And many thanks Shelagh Marston for offering to wash the Viz jackets afterwards .... I’m not sure you realised quite how mucky they were going to be so I am very very grateful! The washing machine will recover after a couple of normal household washes Shelagh!!

It was brilliant spring weather and I caught some photos to prove how sparkling everything looked. And the rescued sunken bench was also captured on iPhone by Les ! Parks staff and Rangers had already cleaned up the area around the Mi Amego memorial ready for next week’s ceremonial event so now the Dam also looks great. Clearing dead dry twigs and branches from the water means you can actually see the north wall now.

One patient team scooped compost out and when I visited at dawn on Friday the ducks were thoroughly gorging on whatever edibles you turned up in the east corner!

We welcomed Nigel Arding ..... I hope you will join us again! It is not always quite so mucky.

As for the wading teams ..... well .... you did a fantastic cutting back job, and only one involuntary immersion recorded. I hope the hero who toppled in ( no admissions!) got home safely and extracted himself from the filled wellies: ugh!

One mystery to clear if anyone can: we seem to have taken or mislaid somewhere a bow saw and one set of long handled loppers: I know Glyn and Chris did a final sweep up but did not see any left over tools. If by any chance someone has them please could you call me on 07790250087?

Next workday will be on Tuesday 26 February up at Porter Clough for a change: tools will be delivered there and we will clean up the woodland and work our way downstream. Hope to see some of you!

Ann le Sage



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