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Work morning 13th March 2019

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Many thanks to those who turned out this morning. The weather looked particularly bad early on but the heavy rain thankfully abated by the time we turned up. However, the river was very high and we were up to our knees in water crossing to the island where we cut all of the willow down to ground level in order to encourage new growth for the Christmas Fair wreath making in December.Some tree pruning was also carried out.

Some of us dealt with very high water levels in the goit leading to Wiremill Dam. The grating was cleared where a stream passes under the goit and pathway hence reducing the high water level. However, the goit appears to be blocked where it goes underground on its way to Wiremill Dam. Further work is needed next time.

Thanks again. We will be at Forge Dam again next time. See you then.

Dave Clegg


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Mar 15, 2019

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