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Work morning 27th Aug 19

18 of us turned out this scorcher of a morning to tidy up Endcliffe Park. It wasn’t quite as litter ridden as we had expected ..... either there had been a bit less BH carousing than usual or the Parks staff had done a sweep through.

The 18 happily divided themselves into work groups which were much admired by park users as they spotted yellow jackets carving through unwanted herbage and litter.

We achieved: • Playground frontage cleared of mildewed herbs, unrecyclable rubbish and dead glyphosated grass ends. Still got to clear inside the playground! • a strong arm group cleared away a fallen tree on the footpath at the junction of routes between the dams • others removed nettles along Holme Wheel Dam edge • some removed epicormic growth from tree trunks • a select group with Cllr Andy Sangar and Roger Davison litterpicked and cleared right up to Whiteley Woods park and the bowling greens • another crack squad raked out and cleaned up the edges of the green space around the statement oak above Holme Wheel Dam • £42.37 was collected in the charity bucket, including £20 from Stephen Ward, plus £30 from the cafe for sales of the Walking Booklet. Brilliant and special thank yous to Stephen and Ash! It was swelteringly hot and an amazing turnout for a Tuesday tagged onto a BH Monday. We were very pleased to meet Laura Gordon and hear her plans for the impending Hallam by - election campaign .....and more .. she joined in the hands on clearance task! Next work day will be on Thursday September 12th at Forge Dam when we will be joined by DWP volunteers again for some heavy weight wall and woodland work! Thanks all Ann le Sage


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